Name November 17, 2015 Autos & Appliances
Auctioneer AMI Auction, Inc.
Date(s) 11/17/2015
Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 6pm
Preview Date/Time Same day from 9-6.
Checkout Date/Time During and immediately following auction. ALL INVENTORY MUST BE PAID BEFORE LEAVING AUCTION.
Location 30865 Kohler Court
St Joseph, MN 56374
Buyer Premium $195.00 ON CARS, 10% ON APPLIANCES
Please join us for our next auto AND appliance auction on Tuesday November 17th at 6pm. Preview is the same day from 9-6. Inventory usually starts arriving the Thursday before auction, so check back. Buyer's premium on cars $195. Buyer's premium on appliances is 12% with a 2% discount when paying with cash or check.
Auction Terms & Conditions AMI Terms and Conditions for LIVE AUCTIONS, ONLINE AUCTIONS AND ABSENTEE BIDDING All AMI auctions are governed by these Terms and Conditions. By participating in an AMI Auction you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as by any additional terms that may be imposed by the seller or announced before the auction begins. AMI Auction is an agent of the seller and is not responsible for any representations, omissions or acts of the seller or any of the seller's, officers, directors, or employees. Conditions & Value of Items: All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS, with no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied by AMI or Seller. Buyer assumes complete and sole responsibility for inspection of items prior to bidding and relies solely on its own inspection as to condition and value of items. AMI relies on item information that is provided by the seller. AMI does not investigate information, and makes no representation or warranty concerning the truth or completeness of that information. For the bidders’ convenience, photographs are provided, but shall not be used to create representations or warranties of any kind pertaining to the items and buyer waives any claims against AMI and/or seller relating to item photographs or descriptions. All inventory and photos are subject to change without notice. Registration for LIVE auction: Please register in person at the counter when you arrive. THERE IS NO PRE-REGISTRATION FOR LIVE AUCTIONS. Registration for ONLINE auction: All potential bidders must register online at before bids may be submitted. By registering you are agreeing to Terms and Conditions. AMI may deny registration to any person or entity. ONLINE AUCTION CLOSE: Online auctions shall close on the date and time identified for that specific auction. Items that receive a bid in the last 1 minute will be extended for an additional 3 minutes. This will repeat as long as there is a bid within the last minute. Registration For ABSENTEE BIDDING: All potential bidders must register online before bids may be submitted. By registering you are agreeing to Terms and Conditions. AMI may deny registration to any person or entity. Winning Bid: Absentee bidders place a maximum bid, (the highest amount they are willing to bid on item). Absentee bidders bid against live floor bids and other absentee bids. The winning absentee bid shall be one increment higher than the maximum floor bid or other absentee bid, but will not exceed or meet their maximum bid. For example, if an absentee bidder has a maximum bid of $300, but the highest floor bid or another absentee bid is only $100, the absentee bidder will win the item for $100 plus the next increment higher ($5, $10, $25, etc depending on the dollar value of the item), not their maximum bid of $300. In the event of a tie bid with a bidder at live auction, the winning bid goes to the live bidder. Payment: A legally binding contract is formed between the bidder, and AMI Auction and the seller, when a bidder makes the highest bid and the auction is closed. Once a winning bid has been placed, the highest bidder is obligated to buy the item at the said price. BIDS CANNOT BE RETRACTED. By bidding on an item(s), the bidder acknowledges that it has the authority and capacity to enter such a bid and close the transaction. AMI reserves the right to use the bidder’s credit card for payment in part or in full for any successful bids within 48 hours of close of auction. Any bid that is made represents an irrevocable offer to buy the item(s) for the full bid amount, plus stated buyer's premium and any local or state taxes . If AMI Auction determines that the highest bid was NOT a legitimate bid, item will NOT automatically go to the second highest bidder. AMI Auction reserves the right to determine who the next successful bidder will be. If the Buyer does not remove the item(s) within the ten day removal period, AMI Auction reserves the right to resell the item without notice. If an item is resold for an amount less than the original, highest successful bid, the Buyer is obligated to pay the difference. If full payment is not made by the end of the ten day removal period, the Buyer's bidding privileges may be revoked and suspended from any other AMI Auctions. All bidders must be at least 18 years of age in order to register and bid. Disputes: Any disputes that arise concerning the winning bid for an item shall be decided by AMI. Buyer's Premium for Live Auction: Buyer agrees to pay AMI Auction a buyer's premium of 12% with a 2% discount for payments of cash or check. Buyer's Premium for Online Auctions and Absentee Bidding: Buyer agrees to pay AMI Auction a buyer's premium of 13% of the sale. The buyer's premium is not negotiable and is payable by all Buyer's. When and where MinnesotaState Sales Tax is applicable it will be invoiced on top of the sale price plus buyer's premium since the buyer's premium is considered part of the sales price in accordance with state law. Shipping & Handling: It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to remove and/or ship of all items and will incur all removal/shipping costs. Buyer shall arrange with Buyers' choice of shipper to have items picked up or shipped by the date and time identified for removal at the specific auction site. Please contact the shipper of your choice to arrange for packing and removal of your items. AMI is NOT responsible for packaging, broken merchandise, or shipper’s negligence or errors. Shipper must notify AMI at least 24 hours prior to pick up, and items must be picked up during normal business hours M-Th, 9-5. Items must be removed within10 days of auction close or a fee of $15.00 per day, per item fee shall be charged to the Buyer. If items are not removed within ten days, the ownership of the items will revert back to the original Owner/Seller and the Owner/Seller may dispose of or resale the item at their discretion. Indemnification: Buyer agrees to indemnify and holds harmless each AMI Auction, its directors, officers, employees and agents against any damage or loss which the Buyer, AMI Auction or third parties may suffer on incur with respect to loss, damage or injury arising from the removal if any item(s). Court of Law Arbitration: All disputes relating to an AMI auction shall be governed by and interpreted by and in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota. Any and all claims shall be brought in District Court in Stearns County, MN and bidders hereby consent to the jurisdiction of said court. --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Currency USD
Buyer Premium $195.00 ON CARS, 10% ON APPLIANCES
Payment Terms
Cash or check only for cars, and boats, buyer's premium is a flat $195.
Pick up immediately following auction for 9-5 M-TH. Closed Friday - Sunday